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// Our what

World class web

applications built with

the latest techniques

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Typescript is our home and we use different javascript frameworks/libraries to build applications.


Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe… We see the benefits of working in an agile way with many iterations and short lead times from problem to solution.

Soft skills

We believe that there’s more than plain coding skills needed to bring value as developers. Communication skills with an understanding of both business and users is key to bring real value over time.

Were we shine

We’re curious and like to learn new things. What we really master though, is building React or Angular apps.

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// Our how

Developing web apps

is more than coding

From business to UX and technology

At Pondway we understand the greatness of teamwork and mixed knowledge across different areas; from business to UX and tech. Working in teams, it is important to understand that every programmer can write code that a computer can understand, but a good programmer write code that other programmers understand.

Good code in a sense that it is easy to read, understand, modify and maintain.

// Our where

We are Halmstad based web and app developers with a passion for code.

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// Our why

Combining creativity

with creating real value

Focusing on what we do best

We started out as web developing consultants. Coding, doing what we were instructed to do and doing it good. Eventually we recognized that we were curious to take on challenging projects and building new, exciting stuff with techniques of our choice. We started Pondway to be selective, and to find the sweet spot of combining creativity with bringing the most value for our customers and ourselves.

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// Our work

We’ve got experience from working with a wide variety of companies in many different branches.

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